Meet Ashley

image-right I fell in love with moving when I was young, because even as a child, the movement of my body and mind made everything feel better. It changed me. It built resiliency.

After my very first dance recital, I asked my mom when I would get to do a solo. When given the option, I chose more time in dance classes over braces. Visiting my Grandma in Toronto, I would tap dance waiting for the subway. At the time, I thought moving was fun. I didn’t recognize how much it also kept me grounded.

As I got older, I drifted into who I thought the world expected me to be. I went to the school, I got the job, and I slowly lost the connection to myself that movement had always fostered.

I had been living with chronic pain for over ten years when my world fell apart. My mom and uncle were killed in a car accident, followed by the sudden death of my dad two years later. The constant physical and emotional pain was unbearable.

My grief journey forced me to re-connect with my needs. I began relying heavily on movement and meditation as tools of healing and self-connection. I learned that I could trust my inner voice, and that I had the courage to meet my own needs, despite the expectations of others.

Anchored by the philosophy that all bodies are good bodies, I am passionate about creating space where people can tune into their inner voice, build a strong mind and body, stand tall, thrive, feel connected and capable, and be all in.

Because when you move well, you live well.

More about Ashley:

  • Bachelors of Applied Science, Health Studies, University of Waterloo
  • Masters of Science, Epidemiology, University of Guelph
  • Mat and Standing Pilates Certified, PhysicalMind Institute Canada
  • Essentrics® Level 2 Certified, The Esmonde Technique, Essentrics®
  • Meditation Level 1, Internal Peace Initiative
  • Modified and Pre/Postnatal Pilates, Marta Hernandez Studio
  • Bone Fit™ Trained, Osteoporosis Canada
  • Oov® Fundamentals, Polestar® Pilates